March 28th

So not much new has happened in the last few days. Our son Aiden celebrated his 6th birthday on the 27th. We were so sad that we couldn’t be there but he got the best treat of his life that day. HIS FIRST DATE. Yep he told me a few months ago that his girlfriend was Ashley-Ashley Wells his 16 year old babysitter-and that SHE was going to take him to Moes. Yep, he is cheap to he is going to make her pay. I told him he had to pay and he just looked at me and said I can’t I don’t have a job. So for his birthday Ashely came over and with her mom took Aiden and Addie to Moes. I know he was so excited because he loves hanging out with Ashley.

 Anthony got propositioned for a massage by multiple ladies last night. I just busted out laughing when he showed me the cards. I told him I really have a kink in my neck but I have a feeling they aren’t going to be able to help me with that. Our facilitator Grace said they were offering “special services.” Who knew going to get a Mcflurry could be so interesting for Anthony?

 So we have been going to different places during the day. But China has not been what we thought it would be. First, things are not as cheap as we thought. Actually, clothes and shoes are more money than in the states. Also, it is so modern to find any “Chinese” souvenirs you are really just buying cheap stuff.  And if you find the really cool and historic items they are really expensive. But I have had fun hunting down some clothes for the girls. Some are really expensive but next to our hotel is a little shop with really good sales. The fun stuff I have found are the hair clips. Yes, I said it I came all the way to China and the things that excite me the most are hair clips for the girls. But they are so cute. And everyone knows my girls have to have bows or clips…I still am a little southern. So once we get home and give our gifts to our families I can post what we bought for them. I have to say most is pretty funny because I sit there and debate….which piece of junk will they want the most? Some fake jade, a tee shirt with “made in China” on it, or a knock off purse. I mean these are my options. It is not what I thought. But we are visiting a pearl market tomorrow. But my hopes aren’t too high because I have been told that there are more fakes than real. So I might be surprising you with some fake pearls.

 Mia is adjusting everyday. She has her moments of grieving her lost life. Everyday before she has to go to bed she just sits and cries for her Mama…her foster mother. She also is 2 1/2 and likes to throw a fit when she doesn’t get her way. So it is very trying to figure out the best way to handle each situation. But during the day she has a good time. She will smile and laugh but still not much talking. If someone other than Anthony and I ask her to talk or say hi she just stands there. She is so shy, introverted, and stubborn. Please pray for her and her siblings that they can find a way to relate.

 Tip for today…remember that your orphan child will most likely always want their old life instead of their new one. Be prepared for the rejection. Talking with other adoptive mothers here most of their children grieve and want to go back even if just for a short while. We were talking today about a 9 year old orphan who refused to be adopted by a family from the US. She made her decision and the family accepted it but does she know what she decided? Is she old enough to make a decision like this and handle the consequences of that choice? A group of us debated this complex issue. But as a Christian it really struck home-and Anthony will expand on this point more latter-but   did I really want this new life, do I often want to turn back, do I understand the implications of my sin and the weight of the consequences of my sin? I mean in my core do I live as if I am in His image? Or do I pick a life that will never be my home, never give me love and hope, and will never give me a future? 

 Continue to pray as we count down to FLA…also as we prepare for jet lag with a 2 year old.


~ by Anthony Orzo on March 28, 2012.

6 Responses to “March 28th”

  1. Thanks for sharing Carin. That is some story about that 9 yr old making such a life determining decision without having all the info she needs to do so. I love the way you wrapped it up bc it is so often the case in our spiritual decisions and attitudes of heart that we do the very same thing bc we don’t have all the info and we short change ourselves and break the Lord’s heart.
    Can’t wait till you guys are back on Shadow Path where you belong 🙂 Is.40:21-31 he’s got it covered!
    Love ya much, Mo

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  2. Loving to hear about your new adventure and the new relationship you’re building with Mia. I can’t wait to meet her. Let me know what you want us to about the car and what else you need. I love and miss you. Christine

  3. Mia and Anthony look alike. Well, at least they have the same hairdo!!!

  4. GREAT PICTURE of you and Mia. She looks very natural and content , I don’t think there is anything to worry about. Miss you both and will see you in just a few days. Love you XOXOxo
    Mom O.

  5. It is just so amazing to see these pictures of her. Through those & your wonderful words I am grateful to get a glimpse into these life changing days. I am mentally preparing to try & contain myself when I see you all again. 🙂

  6. I’m so excited that you are coming back soon. We miss you here in kindergarten. Aiden has done great this week. Today we put the pictures from your blog on the big screen and he showed everyone his favorite picture of his little sister. Of course, the whole class agreed that the picture of her sitting on the bed by herself was their favorite too . Also, yesterday I asked him if Addie missed you guys and he said “No!” like I was crazy. When I asked him why, he said “because she has me!” It was so cute! Have a safe trip home. I know there are only three more sleeps til you get here.

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