Shopping will never be the same.


~ by Anthony Orzo on April 11, 2012.

3 Responses to “IMG_0560”

  1. You are a beautiful family!!!! I am so proud ❤ XOXO xoxoxo

  2. You are all in my prayers. Aiden remains very special to me. I loved being his Sunday School teacher and rejoice whenever I see him like at the picnic. I will pray for Mia and Addie too. Changes for both of them in their young lives. Change is hard but God will bless the changes in this family. That I know.

  3. Carin & Anthony, I just tonight decided to check your blog & catch up with your “goings-on”. WOW- I knew about Aiden’s diagnosis of diabetes & all the challenges of bringing Mia home. I am not surprised that Addie is giving you a run for your money- there is a lot going on in your family! I will certainly continue to pray for you all. The main reason I am writing is to just say how BEAUTIFUL your transparency is- THANK YOU for writing so honestly & passionately about your struggles. Carin- you are “EVERY MOM” who has ever been through trials & tribulations with her children, no matter their ages! Yes- they WILL rip your heart out- and it never stops! But God IS so faithful- He does carry us when we are simply too weary to walk, or even crawl! Anthony, your heart as a daddy is so God-honoring- may our dear Lord just continue to care for you all & bring you peace, grace & rest as you so faithfully serve Him. It is my honor to know you guys!
    In His strong & faithful grip,

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