What life looks like after 6 months!

Hey all, this is Carin and I guess I am back. I say that because I am not really sure who I am as a blogger but some of you have seemed to enjoy it and have asked me to continue doing it. So from now on I will blog periodically on Restoration’s Blog site currently found here. I mean let’s face it any more than that and the truth will come out about how boring I really am in life. This blog will chronicle my journey in life as a wife, mother of three children and Gospel partner at Restoration Church. It will be real and open-never any fluff. So for all those 3 people out there who are going to read this-including my mother-here we go!!!

So today’s post is going to be about none other than the amazing MIA!!! Can you believe today marks six months since we adopted her? Monday, March 19th was our Gotcha Day-the day we first met her. But on Tuesday, March 20th we finalized our adoption of Yi, Qiu Rui-Amelia Jane Orzo- AKA Mia. Six months ago we went to a civil affairs office in China and met the tiniest little girl. (For a moment I thought there is no way she is the girl in the picture..she looked like a one year old. But Anthony knew it was her. He said it looks just like her pictures.) She screamed bloody murder and hated us with a passion despite the fact that I’ve never knew a child couldn’t hold. She never smiled or talked. She was so lost. God has used that raw and open wound in my heart to teach me so much about myself and Mia.


Like how you can read every blog and book but NO ONE can prepare you for that coldness and hard heartedness from someone you love so much. But God in His love showed me a big idol I held in my heart. One that was so covered in a mask of purity you really could go your whole Christian walk and miss it. CHILDREN.  These little people you ache for because you love them so much. They are the best thing you will ever do and you love them with such an intense love it hurts. So when Mia was rejecting me-and Anthony-day after day God was showing me that I was bitter because I needed her to love me. WHAT? I am a grown women. I pour my life into these little people and get nothing from them right? Well, no that is not right. Aiden and Adelaide love for me to hold them and they cry when I leave…well not Aiden but I think Adelaide will still be crying when she is 15. They love and need me. That is why I was bitter. I wanted to be loved back. And don’t hear me wrong. It is good and right that your children love you back but you can’t find your identity in anything other than the love of Christ. I had to ask myself if he took away my children’s love for me (if they grew up to hate me), or their life, or their happiness would I still find my JOY in him? So I had to let her hatred of me go, love her, and really rest in the love of my Savior.


Today is a different story though…today she loves me. She asks for me to hold her, she cries when I leave her, she let’s me kiss all over her and she kisses me back. Mia runs to me and smiles when I come into the room. She loves school and Restoration Church, but now I know she loves us too. Her journey to full healing is not done…I am not sure if you ever really get over being abandoned by your mother. But she is healing. And I can show her that I know where her real identity lies. It’s not in her last name, her country, her looks, or her past..but it is in a Savior that never abandoned her and was with her every step of her life. He saw her in her mothers womb and knew her name, he shielded her while she lay on a freezing street in front of a trash dump crying and alone, he guided her to a whole new family and world in America. We chose Mia a long time ago because God in his grace chose Mia for us. I  hope and pray she learns to rest in the love that our family has for her and Christ.



~ by Anthony Orzo on September 20, 2012.

10 Responses to “What life looks like after 6 months!”

  1. Love it, Carin! Thanks for sharing (and giving all of us mother’s something to think about. You’re in good company!). Keep ’em coming! 🙂

  2. I attend Christ Community in Daytona.
    I’ve been following your blog from the beginning of your journey with Mia. Thank you for this update…..you are such an inspiration…..Mia is such an inspiration.
    Prayers and blessings,

  3. Great blog Honey, Mia has come a long way, and she certainly has plenty of support (as do you and Anthony) Love all my Grandkids dearly, they each have their own personality and they are very unique. Keep up the good work. XOXOxoxoxo

  4. This is great! It’s hard to believe it has been 6 months. I have loved seeing the changes and progress in Mia. You are a wonderful mom!
    Heather C

  5. Carin- I am so happy that God is continuing to do the work that only He can do in Mia’s heart, as well as your own. Your insight regarding making our children our idols will resonate, I am sure, with many. Thank you for your transparency & heart for the Lord- may you, Anthony & your children be blest beyond measure!! Hugs!

  6. Love you and that sweet girl. I’m so thrilled to know her and get to love on her so much. Thanks for being so transparent and genuine.

  7. Love your honesty (& this is not your mother), I can hear you talking as I read your account. Important words: our security & identity are to be found in Christ. How wonderful that God
    chose you, Anthony, Aiden & Adie to teach
    her that. Praise God!

  8. As I read your blog I could feel my very own emotions as your mom welling up inside…going back all those years ago as a mom that so desperately loved being a mother but who walked so many days in fear of the “what ifs”. You have been given a gift from your Father to know your deepest idol and a trust that you can open your heart to surrender it to Him…just a reminder…it will be a life long journey. Daddy and I are so proud of you and Anthony not because you have arrived at perfection but you have come to the place of realizing that you are a “child” in constant need of grace. I believe that being a parent is one of the most self sacrificing and most rewarding things that we can do in life. We love Mia so much and pray daily that she knows “Jesus loves Mia this I know ”
    Love you, Mom

  9. Love it, Carin! What a great perspective and it certainly gave me something to ponder. I appreciate your honesty and your inspiration. Mia has such joy behind her smile and her eyes when I see her every Sunday – God definitely knew what He was doing when He called you and Anthony to be her parents – He makes NO mistakes – all of your children are blessed!

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