Hey All.

Words can’t express how great this day was!

We had 130 people at our launch service and lots of new faces.

Take some time to thank our God for His goodness.

And let me thank all of RCPO for their faithfulness to our new church!

We launched!!!!



~ by Anthony Orzo on October 10, 2010.


  1. Anthony, Ken and I are so thrilled for the glory being given God at Restoration. This experience as a prayer intercessor and energized observor has changed my idea of what is church. Thank you for all your sermons and teaching at CCC. You, your family, and Restoration Church are in our hearts and in our daily prayers. Only tinge of sadness comes from missing Aiden in our Sunday School Class. We promised him we would visit there one Sunday and we will.

  2. We serve an awesome God!!!

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