Value #2 “Spiritual Vitality”

Because my grandmother made me…

That response, or something similar is what I often hear when I ask the question, “Why do you, or did you, go to church?”.

To date, I have lived in three states: New York, New Orleans, and Florida. In each locale I found the afore mentioned statement as a way of life. The Christian faith and worship was more of a negative obligation than it was an empowering, dynamic way of living.

This is why the second value of Restoration Church is Spiritual Vitality. We’ve all been there, or at least heard of this happening. We’ve seen examples of the Christian faith where legalism, bondage, and forced participation were the litmus tests used to assess whether or not we were really Christians.

If you’ve ever been in a hospital bed chances are you were having your vitals monitored. Your doctor was looking for key indications (pulse, blood pressure, etc.) to figure out if you were alive, dead, or dying.

What if Restoration became a church where freedom in Christ, life, excitement and a willingness to serve Jesus were the vitals we checked to assess our health.

If this interests you I have some good news.

At present, every person involved in our church plant (around 25 people) clearly, evidently and passionately believes that Christ-Centered Spiritual Vitality is a non-negotiable value.

Are you number 26?


~ by Anthony Orzo on February 24, 2010.

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