Greetings from Atlanta

This whole week I have been in Atlanta at a church planting boot camp.

Basically, a boot camp is a 5 day training event used to prepare church planters for the job of planting a church. Through the boot camp God has highlighted many things about the work he is calling us to. Two items in particular have really stood out.

Here they are.

1. We have an incredible amount of work to do. To birth a new church that is truly living like Christ is going to take a great deal of intentionality, discipline, training, and hard work. What we are seeking to create in Restoration will be truly unique for the City of Port Orange and I believe the new church is worth the work it will take to get it off the ground.

2. We are not praying enough. Wow…that sounds harsh! I don’t mean that to be, but it is true. No matter how much we work, no matter how great our plan is, no matter how available resources are…without God it isn’t going to happen.

So I ask this of you all…join our core team in asking our God who is able to do all things to give us the wisdom, grace, and discipline needed to start Restoration church. Ask God to help us start a work that truly changes the people and community we live in.

In my next post I plan to tell you a bit about what Restoration will look like.

Stay tuned!

Oh…so what do you think?


~ by Anthony Orzo on January 14, 2010.

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