I’m asking again…

Alright, here is another question I would like to pose to you.

Many studies are revealing that people in North America are embracing the idea of being Spiritual.

Why do you think “spirituality” is on the rise in North America?

~ by Anthony Orzo on November 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “I’m asking again…”

  1. There are longer answers, though I say, people have always searched for God and found it in a “higher power” called ME.

    From the beginning of sin, people wanted to believe in “something” and they usually ended up making that something themselves. Selfishness and pride (graciously given to us by God via satan) are satan’s favorite lies. If we can believe it was us that did it then that just feels right…and good.

    The other element of this is Truth. It is hard to see truth, understand it and finally…accept it. oh, and accept it over accepting yourself. Let me put it this way, dying to yourself and living for only truth is hard. i think that is a big reason more and more people are following the Oprah’s of the world and believing in that which is “positive” and “spiritual”. Its so much easier.

    I mean, if you had to die for something, why would you die for truth when you could die for what you’ve accomplished*? (*please note the sarcasm)

  2. That’s an interesting observation Lee. Would you say, being spiritual in a sense means people are able to decide for themselves what the “truth” of their particular spirituality is?

  3. absolutely.

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