This last post, in a real good way, created a level of dialogue I hope to see in future posts. Basically, the blog did what I hoped to see it do…that is to allow all people from all vantage points to talk about faith issues that are important to us.

The word church, as evidenced by the number of responses and people who read the post seems to draw out of people a broad range of opinions and emotions.

As we continue to converse about issues that are near or far from our hearts. Let’s remember two key values necessary for our discussion to continue in a healthy manner.

1. All people, from all walks of life are allowed, asked, and encouraged to weigh in honestly and candidly about what we discuss. Without this we don’t have a real conversation.

2. Let us always talk to each other in a way that is respectful, peaceful, and reflects a spirit of generosity…even if you disagree with me or our participants.

Without these values we merely participate in a printed argument…which we can agree is not needed!

This weekend I’ll be posting on what a church is supposed to look like. I hope you’ll check back with us.


~ by Anthony Orzo on August 5, 2009.

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