Top 10 Church Planting Questions

Recently there have been several questions about the new church. I wanted to use this next post to answer the most frequently asked questions. They are in no particular order. You are more than welcome to ask questions about these questions and to post any new questions you might have. Here they are:

1. Where is the church going to be?

A: Port Orange.

2. What is the name of the new church?

A: Restoration Church. We love what this name communicates. As a church we want to be a part of how God is restoring people to himself and each other.

3. What kind of people are you trying to reach?

A: We want to reach peoples from all walks of life. We hope to start a church that crosses social, economic, and ethnic boundaries. Most of all, we hope to be a church that helps people who are really far from God to find him.

4. Do you have a location for the church yet?

A: No. We won’t know where the church will be meeting for some time. Generally speaking, a church plant rents a place to meet for a good while.

5. What will the worship sound be like?

A: This is a hard one to answer on paper, however you can expect to hear a very modern sound. By modern I mean a style that places an emphasis on electric guitar, minimal vocal harmony, and clean drum beats. Hope that helps!

6. What will the teaching be like?

A: The preaching will be Christ-centered. We certainly want to avoid legalism at all costs. In general, there will also be an emphasis on candor and creativity. You can expect to hear a great deal about how God desires us to be his people in our community and world.

7. What is the vision of the church going to be?

A: Churches are known for many things these days. We want to be viewed not as “another church in the neighborhood”, rather as a place the community can’t live without. We plan to make a difference in the city by having our people actively involved in all areas of community life.

8. How will Restoration and Christ Community Church work with each other?

A: Simply put, CCC is what you would call “A mother church”. They are significantly invested in helping to get us up and running. When we are able to support ourselves financially and have two Elders we”ll become an autonomous church. This simply means we will be independent from the mother church, but still connected in order to work together. Using the family illustraion, we will no longer be a daughter church rather a sister church.

9. How can I get involved?

A: In order to plant a church a person has to have a certain set of abilities, or at least a willingness to develop that set of abilities. The most important of these abilities is that they are faithful, committed, flexible, and teachable. If your interested please contact me.

10. When do you plan to start the church?

A: Late 2010, however we hope to have a positive presence in the community much earlier than this.


~ by Anthony Orzo on July 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Top 10 Church Planting Questions”

  1. Anthony.

    As I was reading this post, in my own way God revealed to me that He has you exactly where He wants you. You know how you have lenses of people (how you view them). Well, I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly where you fit, with your plethora of talents, but now I see that God has woven you into His sovereign plan.

    Just thought I’d tell you what I was thinking as an affirmation to what you are doing down in Florida.

    Can’t wait to come down and see you guys.


    • Thanks Lee. Your words are both kind and encourging. We can’t wait to see you guys either.

  2. looking forward to see what the Lord has for Restoration Church….it’s a honor and blessing to be part of the “mother church” (sounds kinda Catholic-y!). I have come to appreciate Christ Community Church, and to have a church plant in PO with this church’s basic DNA will have a real impact on that community. Let is be a place of worship, teaching…..and restoration.

  3. Anthony,
    Hope all is moving along. We’re still praying for Port Orange and the impact Restoration will have on that community. God bless you as you serve him there.

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